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Team Match Play - Rules

    • All team members must have current GHIN index card for presentation at each tournament.
    • Each team must be a paid, registered member of TMPG.
    • Each team's home course must commit to provide two (2) tee times, every home match (usually 3 regular season home matches and possibly playoff matches if applicable) , with charges for visiting teams limited to cart fee only or $20.00 for cart and range balls.
    • The season will consist of six matches. Each division will consist of four teams. Each team will play the other teams on a home and away basis.
    • If a course "sponsors" more than one team, it must provide two (2) tee times per team, for each home match.

    Team Captain's Duties
    • Each Team Captain is responsible to thoroughly read and understand the current Team Match Play Golf, Inc. league rules and regulations.
    • Team Captain is expected to thoroughly understand the USGA Rules of Golf, including provisions pertaining to match play formats. All matches will be played according to USGA rules.
    • Each Team Captain must submit the Team Application to Team Match Play Golf, Inc. at the address printed on the application.
    • The home Team Captain should contact the visiting Team Captain at least three days prior to a scheduled match to confirm match starting time, and to make any other needed arrangements for the match (directions, etc.).
    • The home Team Captain is responsible for confirming the reserved tee times for the match.
    • Team Captains must present player lineups and current GHIN index cards prior to the first tee time so that the scorecard can be appropriately adjusted for handicaps and completed. Home Team Captain is responsible for filling out the scorecard. Both Captains must sign the completed scorecard(s).
    • Every Team Captain must call, e-mail, or fax the correct match scores into the TMPG Scorekeeper the day of the match.
    • The host Golf Professional and the visiting Golf Professional are responsible for resolving disputes that arise within a match that cannot otherwise be resolved within the foursome that is playing together.
    • The home Team Captain should furnish a sheet of local rules as prepared by the home course professional or his staff.

    Match Requirements
    • Each match shall consist of two, two-man team matches.
    • Each team match consists of a possible three points – one point each for front nine, back nine and overall. A team shall receive one point for each win and one-half point for each tie. Total possible points per match is 16.

    • Matches should be played on the scheduled date, except where inclement weather is involved (see "Inclement Weather," later).
    • Tee times are to be consecutive on the day which match is scheduled. • Warm up is to be completed prior to the assigned tee times. Captains are responsible to make certain that team members are prepared to begin the match on time. (see "Forfeitures," later).
    • Matches are to be played in position order, i.e., Team 1, then Team 2. This order can be rearranged on mutual consent of the captains.

    Format of Play & Scoring
    • Each team match will consist of two, two-man teams with a possible three points per individual match (front nine, back nine and overall).
    • One point is awarded to the team for each match won.
    • One-half point is awarded for each tie.
    • The playing position of each player shall be determined by his current GHIN index. The first team will consist of the Head Golf Professional (or an Assistant Professional) and the amateur team member with the next lowest index. The second team will consist of the two amateur team members with the next lowest indices.
    • Each four-ball match will be handicapped based upon the lowest player's index using 75% of the difference. For example, if the second foursome is made up of a 10 and a 14 competing against a 7 and a 13, handicapping will be based off the lowest in the foursome - the 7 handicap. The 14 handicapper gets 75% of 14-7, or 5 strokes. The 13 handicapper gets 75% of 13-7, or 5 strokes. The 10 handicapper gets 75% of 10-7, or 2 strokes.

    Team Placement
    Teams will be placed in divisions generally based upon club classification and geographical constraints. Where possible, division assignments will be changed between seasons to provide for variety of competition and venues.

    Addition of Players
    • You will have the flexibility to play any member at your club during the season and playoffs.
    • Anyone playing on your team must have a current GHIN index card for presentation at each match.

    Inclement Weather
    • Weather conditions which authorize cancellation of a match are governed by the host course. Frost or frozen conditions and lightning are generally recognized as the only conditions to result in cancellation. A one hour delay is to be observed for conditions to improve. If inclement weather occurs after play has begun, a one hour wait to resume play is to be observed. If play cannot be resumed that day, completed matches stand, and incomplete matches will be resumed beginning after the last completed hole.
    • Player substitutions may be made for matches that had not begun.
    • Points awarded for forfeits during the original lineup exchange will stand.
    • Any players causing a forfeit cannot participate in the rescheduled match.
    • Matches canceled or suspended due to inclement weather must be played the following week. If inclement weather exists on that day the match will occur no later than one week prior to the first playoff matches.
    • It is the home Team Captain's responsibility to confirm tee times and communicate them to the visiting Team Captain.

    • Any team forfeiting three or more of its twelve individual matches during a season may be dropped from competition for that season and play the following season on probation.
    • If a team is removed from competition during the season for any reason, no points will be awarded to any team for matches played with the retired team.

    Division Playoffs
    • Playoffs will commence immediately following the conclusion of the regular season, and will continue until the "TMPG CUP" is claimed.
    • The top two teams in a division will play off at the end of each season to see who goes to the championship match.

    • All rules decisions made by the Host and Visiting Golf Professionals (or Team Captain if no professional is participating) are final.
    • Any grievances should be submitted to the Team Match Play Golf Rules Committee.